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The Modified Flying Scissors

Attacker's left hand punches at the defender.

The defender takes a right foot (arc) step and both hands block the attacker's left arm.

Defender's hands push the attacker's left arm to the left rear at 45 degrees (off balancing him).

Defender leaps at the same angle towards the attacker's hip. The defender's right leg goes in front of the attacker's hip and left leg behind the attacker's left knee.

The key here is twofold. First, control of the offensive action, here a punch. Then unbalance the opponent before the scissor takedown is attempted.

Here the attacker attempts a left hand punch. As the punch is executed, the defender takes a right circular step to the right to slip the punch while using both hands to control the attacker’s punching arm -- pushing it 45 degrees to his right rear

The defender’s hands push the attacker’s left arm 45 degrees to his right rear. This off balances the opponent (to his left rear). Holding onto his arm it is now easier to execute the technique (you have controlled his balance, his distance, and his position).

The defender, with legs spread, quickly leaps at an angle toward the opponent’s hip (guiding himself with his hold on the opponent’s arm) – the right leg in front of the opponent’s hip, the left leg behind his knee.

Instead of just scissoring, the defender then just rotates his legs and hips clockwise. This creates a takedown of the opponent who lands at a 45 degree angle. In practice, this movement allows the opponent to have an easier fall.

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