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My definition of jujitsu is

“Ju” meaning flexible or yielding and “Jitsu” and then attacking by manipulating the opponent's force against himself (rather than meeting force against force).
There are efficient methods of neutralizing an attacker with joint locks, throws, come alongs and ground work (only if there is one (1) attacker). Jujitsu also employs Atemi ( strikes and kicks) and alternative methods of self defense techniques that do not require striking.​

Sport vs. Combat

Sport fighting has rules such as: weight classes, rounds, referees, number of attackers, advance scouting, preparation for attack, mats, gear, limitations on punching & kicking, joint locks (neck, fingers, wrists), and no use of weapons, to protect participants against severe injuries.
On the street there are no rules. This is the simple difference between sports and fighting for your life.

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